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Crawl Space & Attic Cleaning

Crawl Space and Attic Cleaning

Importance of cleaning your crawl space and attic

It is a fact that cleaning your attic is not an activity that is carried out day to day by any homeowner. The main reason for this is that it requires substantial amount of time and effort to clean a crawl space. Having a clean attic is very important for overall safety and health of the house residents. A neglected attic can shelter rodents and insects that can spread germs. As often crawl space and attic receives very less air and light, mold start to form in the area which can compromise the air quality, as well as compromise the structure of the house. This neglect can lead you to fall sick as well. Not having enough insulation in your attic can have a huge impact on your utility bills. We have the specialized equipment to clean out your damaged or insufficient insulation. Excess or ongoing moisture in your crawl space area can severely damage the structure of your home. Moisture can cause wood rot in your load-bearing beams, and can also warp or allow mold to grow in the subflooring.

Crawl and Attic space Cleaning Overview

Crawl Space and Attic Cleaning is the process that is carried out by professionals. Under this service you can expect the following things to be done:

  • Removal of old insulation
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the area
  • Repairing any damage
  • Sealing any broken pipe exits, ducts and vent areas

It is important to insulate your attic as most of the air is drawn from crawl space (approximately 40%) and this is important that this air is warm and free of moisture. Eliminating air leaks in your home is vital to cutting heating and cooling costs, improving the durability of your house, increasing comfort, and creating a healthier home for you and your family. Excess or ongoing moisture in your crawl space area can severely damage the structure of your home.

By insulating the crawl space and ensuring that it is vented properly, our crawl space insulation team can ensure that your energy bill goes down and your home comfort goes up. By installing Vapor Barrier you can prevent excess moisture and condensation from accumulating in the crawl space. This prevents mold from forming and keep your foundation, support beams, and home air quality safe.

Cleaning Crawl space also includes pest control. It is important to inspect the exterior and interior of the attic for pest infestation. Rodents can damage the insulation from their droppings, urine, and tunnelling. The soiled insulation becomes compressed and shredded losing its ability to hold heat. Damaged insulation also falls to the ground leaving your floor exposed to cold air.

How can you find out that your ventilation system (air duct) needs cleaning

To identify whether your attic needs cleaning, the best way is to crawl into the space and look at the current condition. If you find foul smell coming or unidentified sounds are heard from the attic, then it is the right time to get your attic cleaned. Also if your house takes more than usual time to heat or cool down, then it is time to get your crawl space and attic checked.

How can we help

We offer crawl space and attic cleaning and insulation, and vapor barriers for your house. Give us a call or drop an email to crawl space & attic cleaning Bellevue WA, and we will be on our way to provide you free quote for our service. Attic cleaning Bellevue comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee and helps you in cleaning your attic and crawl spaces with high quality standards.

Our crawl space cleaning Bellevue WA team will do a thorough analysis and give you a detailed report of our inspection. Our team will restore your attic to its original condition and in many cases better than its original condition. Damaged insulation will be removed in the infested areas along with damaged vapor barrier, old foundation forms, garbage, and rodent waste. New materials will replace all damaged materials.

After the removal, our restoration team will sanitize the infested areas. The areas are then deodorized to minimize odor, making your home less attractive to other rodents. This reduces, but does not eliminate, the risk of re-entry.

With our expert trained and certified service technician you will get the best possible maintenance service which will prolong life your expensive equipment. We have the skill and tools to fix any sort of problem with a quick turnaround time.

Just give us a call whenever you need a general check-up or a repair and we would be at your door steps. We also take Emergency repair service and all our repair comes with 100% satisfaction peace of mind. So leave the stress of cleaning with us, as we are just a call away.

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